The world of business and the labor market are in a process of constant change and in particular with the emergence of new technologies, this type of situation has been accentuated in such a way that different sectors of the market have been involved.

In that order of ideas, online pharmacies have been one of the most notorious results of these changes that the world and the labor market has suffered in a particular way. In other words, a business that is typically linked to a physical establishment, has soon positioned itself as a place that can be accessed through the Internet and hence the success of


Why do online pharmacies succeed?
Although the sale of fashion items, electronic products, among other similar items has become quite popular and is actually the most common in recent years, the situation with online pharmacies seems not so well known by the general public.

In this regard, we must mention that we are going through a boom a new trend in which online pharmacies are positioning themselves as a business that besides being quite profitable for those who carry it out, allows people to access this type of products in the shortest time possible and with all the advantages of new technologies.


Anyway, we must remember that the pharmaceutical sector could not be left out of the growth that eCommerce is experiencing and that ultimately, no matter what kind of physical store is involved, there is a clear disposition to move all types of businesses to online spaces to attract more and more customers.

Disadvantages of operating online
Now, where certain barriers have been found for the expansion of the business, it has to do with that barrier that exists for the distribution of medicines, since there are prescribed codes of a legal form, to determine the valid forms of delivery of the same, since it is not an item that can be supplied to anyone without a prescription from a professional.


Beyond the above, in countries like Spain, it has been found that more than 550 pharmacies are currently selling their products through the Internet. Keep in mind that this is a sector that can manage around 5000 million euros per year, where the participation of online sales is increasing, although at the moment it is in a small proportion.

In conclusion, it is clear that the use of new technologies is present and future and that online pharmacies have found a space to position themselves.